Professor Wen-Lian Hsu

Distinguished Research Fellow
Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

Personal web

Wen-Lian Hsu received a B.S. from the Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan University in 1973. He received an M.S. and a Ph.D. in operations research from Cornell University in 1978 and 1980, respectively. From 1979 to 1980, he worked as a research associate in the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE) at Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. In 1980, he joined Northwestern University as an assistant professor and was promoted to tenured associate professor in 1986. He joined the Institute of Information Science as a research fellow in 1989.


● Intelligent Conversational Learning Assistant with Deep Natural Language Understanding. (2019)
● Congratulations to Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu and Academia Sinica team led by academician Dr. Chi-Huey Wong, who published their results AI empowered one-pot glyco-synthesis in Nature Communications. (2019)

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  • Yang, T.-H., Lu, C.-C., Hsu, W.-L, "More than Extracting “Important” Sentences: the Application of PEGASUS," 6th International Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI), Taichung, Taiwan, November 18-21, 2021.
  • Yang, T.-H., Lu, C.-C., Hsu, W.-L., "On Adjusting the Order of Teaching Units in Elementary School Mathematics Textbooks with LSA Results," 13th Asian Conference on Education (ACE), Tokyo, Japan. November 25-28, 2021.